Business Solutions

We are the market leader in FX and Cryptocurrency business solutions.

As technological changes continue to affect the OTC brokerages, prime of prime, cryptocurrency exchange operators, and banking industry in general, small to medium size financial institutions and new market entrants need to leverage technology and innovative business solutions to more effectively market and serve their customers better .

FDC’s business solutions enable you to boost sales, cut costs, seize opportunities and anticipate challenges like never before through the use of our technologies, risk-management, liquidity and compliance solutions, customized software development and prime-of-prime turnkey opportunities. A team of industry professionals with stellar forex credentials has come together once again to develop a complete turnkey and integrated solution to establish, manage and grow your entire FX Prime of Prime business.

We offer a wide range of specialized services in the digital currency and blockchain industry. At FDC, we have accumulated a unique mix of technical expertise, financial knowledge, regulatory expertise, and marketing and branding skills as well as a proven track record of success in the Fintech industry. These skills and expertise are now applied to the new and evolving blockchain landscape, allowing us to steer through barriers to entry for market participants. These valuable insights are used to launch our client's blockchain and digital assets businesses in the various jurisdictions.

We transform existing OTC Online Brokers’ B2C (Broker to Customer or Broker to Retail Trader) to B2B business by establishing and developing their strategic business division, also known as Prime of Prime. Unlike traditional consulting solutions, FDC leverages it's development team in and underpins it's SYOPB consulting solutions with proprietary technology and/or software development services in order to provide best-in-class cost-effective solution to clients.

We have a highly experienced software team, which has developed successful forex software solutions for major forex industry leaders. Our solutions are cost-effective, error-free, seamless and delivered on time. In most cases, FDC takes on design-build software development projects for customers, where FDC develops the project to meet the design criteria and performance requirements as specified in the Software Development Agreement. These projects often include customized front-end and back-end development for OTC Online brokers. FDC specializes in several computer programming languages such as C#, java, scala, c++, delphi, php,NET, Javascript, angularjs to name a few. Further, FDC has expertise in several relational database management systems including but not limited to Oracale, MSSQL, and MySQL, and provides server maintenance, management, and security services to its customers.

FDC provides technology-related solutions to customers (B2B), which include aggregated cryptocurrency data price feed from various crypto exchanges to OTC brokers with MT4 and other forex FIX API platforms. FDC builds payment gateways for customers and is in the process of developing crypto-exchange platform. FDC has partnered with various industry leaders in cryptocurrency and blockchain space, where it is acting as an adviser and reseller of their proprietary technologies. FDC is only involved as a technology provider in the crypto space and does not mine, trade, speculate or act as a counterparty in cryptocurrencies.

We offer one of the most cost-effective and reliable liquidity solutions, with regulated non-banks counterparties in the UK (FCA), Australia (ASIC) and Europe (FSC & MiFID). Contact us today to learn more about various counterparty options.

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