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We Deliver Proprietary
Technology & Business Solutions

FDCTech, Inc. formerly known as Forex Development Corporation (“FDC”) is a US based company, which delivers innovative and cost efficient technology and business solutions to OTC Online Brokerage business.

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Why Industry Leaders Choose Us?

FDC Leadership

We have 30+ years experience in developing & implementing FX trading, risk management, and operational solutions.

Software Powerhouse

We have written and powered well over 2.5 million source codes, and have countless hours of experience in customized software development.

Global Presence

We are headquartered in NYC, with presence in Europe and Asia to be available for you in multiple time zones.

Condor Risk Management For MT4

Condor Risk Management provides the comprehensive back-office functionality that is often not available with major OTC front-end trading platforms and systems.

Passion & Values

We conduct transparent and responsible management, based on an advanced, integrity-centered approach.

Start Your Own Prime Brokerage

We have cost-effective, end-to-end turnkey solutions for your new venture that will significantly reduce your time-to-market.

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