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Posted by Peggy S.Reed | Chief Operating Officer | 04 January 2018

The decision to develop or buy an existing back office solution is crucial to any growing business, more so for FX Brokers. A ‘back office’ has different connotations to different users – CEO, CFO, Dealers, Head of Sales, Compliance, and so on. We will attempt to outline some of the main functionalities in this article. While a single system that covers all business, needs is the theoretical ideal, one must weigh this decision carefully in terms of practicality, cost and usage. Different solutions currently available have many advantages in terms of specialization, training, security access, reduced risk of one system failing affecting others, to name a few.

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Posted by Mitch Eaglstein | Chief Executive Officer | 02 January 2018

Beginning December 18th, Bitcoin futures will be introduced through two major US U.S. Exchanges. With all this talk about Bitcoin, let’s delve into exactly what it is how it will affect the markets.

Bitcoin now has the distinction of being the world’s most coveted currency. Nasdaq is planning to add its own futures next year. Bitcoin has arrived on Wall Street and is here to stay, whether regulators are ready or not!

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