Condor Price Hub, 08.17.2021

FDCTech Launches Condor Price Hub, A New Connectivity As a Service Platform to Enhance Market Trading Liquidity And Execution

FDCTech, Inc. today announced the launch of Condor Price Hub, new connectivity as a service platform that enhances market trading liquidity and execution.

FDCTech, Inc. ("FDC" or the "Company," OTCQB: FDCT), a fully integrated financial technology company with a full suite of digital financial services solutions, today announced the launch of Condor Price Hub, new connectivity as a service platform that enhances market trading liquidity and execution. This platform offers retail forex brokers, hedge funds, and emerging market banks ('takers') the opportunity to connect to institutional multi-asset market data and trade execution ('liquidity') access across multiple trading venues provided by liquidity providers, banks, and other hubs ("makers").

The Condor Price Hub is flexible and integrates seamlessly with dealing desk solutions. It reduces the time to market for connecting to a new trading venue from months to less than five (5) days, lowering operational costs and freeing up human resources for both makers and takers so that they can concentrate on the core business.

In addition, Condor Price Hub can be used for a wide variety of tasks, such as eCommerce/wholesale trading solutions, from managing credit lines and tiering prices to straight-through-processing block trades. Further, the connectivity is compatible with popular legacy trading platforms and third-party trading infrastructure.

"We are pleased to announce our new pricing engine for the wide array of our global trading and investment clientele. This will substantially enhance trading execution and liquidity through our seamless connectivity Condor Gateway," said FDCTech, Inc. Founder and CEO Mitchell M. Eaglstein. "The new product builds on our strategy of developing our company into being a leading, fully integrated technology company that delivers solutions to the growing financial sectors of foreign currency crypto, and wealth and asset management."

The Condor Price Hub platform supports different feeds through plugins, including PrimeXM, OneZero, Celera, GCEX, and other bank liquidity. Further, the technology has a single point historical data storage with advanced quote filtering, notifying subscribers about new quotes, performance analytics by connecting to API, supporting trading on over 10,000 trading instruments, and 24/7 technical support.

For additional information, visit our SEC filings or Company's website for more information on the full results and management's plan.

FDCTech, Inc.

FDCTech, formerly known as Forex Development Corporation, is a fully integrated financial technology company. FDC delivers trading platform, back-office, liquidity, dealing desk, and prime brokerage solutions to forex market participants seeking access to retail and institutional spot forex markets.

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