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FDCTech, Inc.

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The Company was incorporated on January 21, 2016, as Forex Development Corporation, under the laws of the State of Delaware. On February 27, 2018, the Company changed its name to FDCTech, Inc. The name change reflects the Company's commitment to expand its products and services in the FX, and cryptocurrency markets for OTC brokers. The Company provides innovative and cost-efficient financial technology (‘fintech’) and business solution to OTC Online Brokerages and cryptocurrency businesses (“customers”).

FDC’s products are designed to provide a complete solution for all operating aspects of customer’s business including but not limited to trading terminal, back office, customer relationship management, and risk management systems. The Company provides business and management consulting which include management consulting, and the development of customers’ B2B sales and marketing divisions. The Company provides turnkey business solutions to entrepreneurs and other non-broker entities seeking to enter FX, cryptocurrency, and other OTC markets. The Company takes on customized software development projects specific to meet the needs of its customers. The Company also act as a general technical support provider for customers and other fintech companies.

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