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Summary of key company data.

Key Information

The Company provides business and management consulting which include management consulting, and the development of customers’ B2B sales and marketing divisions. The Company provides turnkey Software Solutions to entrepreneurs and other non-broker entities seeking to enter FX, cryptocurrency, and other OTC markets. The Company takes on customized software development projects specific to meet the needs of its customers. The Company also act as a general technical support provider for customers and other fintech companies.

The Company’s customers are companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, where it is acting as an adviser/strategic consultant and reseller of its proprietary technologies. The Company expects to generate additional revenue from its crypto related solutions, which include revenues from development of custom crypto exchange platform for customers, the sale of the non-exclusive source code of crypto exchange platform to third parties, white-label fees of crypto exchange platforms, and the sale of aggregated cryptocurrency data price feed from various crypto exchanges to OTC brokers.

The Company’s Software Solutions allow its customers to run their overall business better, increase trading revenues, cut operating costs, and enable them to anticipate market challenges using our proprietary based processes, state-of-the-art technologies, risk management tools, customized software development, and turnkey prime-of-prime business solution.

A Fintech Company

  • CEO & Director: Mitch Eaglstein
  • CFO & Director: Imran Firoz
  • Director: TBD
  • HQ: Irvine, CA
  • Dividend:$0.00
  • Transfer Agent: Globex, LLC
  • Auditor: Farber Hass Hurley, LLP.
  • Legal Counsel: TBD

Stock Information

OTC Markets
  • Date: 02/24/21
  • Ticker: FDCT
  • Last Price: $0.62
  • Change:  +0.02%
  • Volume:137,740
  • 52 Week Low/High: $0.11-$0.95
  • Common: 68.63 Mi (o/s) and 100.00 Mi (a/s)
  • Preferred: 4.00 Mi (o/s) and 10.00 Mi (a/s)