FDCTECH, INC. Powering Financial Markets of the Future
1 Limitless Software Codes. Growth through
innovation and
technology development.

We help our subsidiaries by upgrading their conventional technology infrastructure.

2 Alchemy Group Financial
Brokerage & Market Maker.

Best in-class FX brokerage and instituional liquidity provider, click here

3 Alchemy Markets Ltd (NSFX) EU Regulated
FOREX Market Maker.

A European Regulated Online Brokerage Market Maker, click here.

advisors and accountants.


01 Acquire
We acquire small to medium size
legacy financial services companies.
02 Integrate
We replace legacy technology
with our proprietary software.
03 Scale
Legacy partners focus on sales & marketing,
thus increasing the top-line growth.
04 Profit
We improve profit margins
by providing in-house development.

We are a software-driven acquisition company.

FDCTech specializes in buying and integrating small to mid-size legacy financial services companies. We replace conventional legacy software infrastructure with our regulatory grade proprietary Condor Trading Infrastructure, transforming end-user experience, increasing client retention, and realizing cost synergies.

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Major Acquisition of Alchemy Group in October 2023

FDCTech enters definitive agreement with Alchemy Group, securing the reamining 49.90% in Alchemy Markets Ltd. (Previously known as NSFX Ltd.) and full ownership of Alchemy Prime Ltd., subject to regulatory approval

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Pivotal Acquisition of NSFX Ltd. in December 2022

FDCTech acquired a 50.1% equity stake in NSFX Ltd. ("NSFX" or the "target"). NSFX is a European regulated market maker with a Category 3 license and approximately $5 million in trading revenues in fiscal 2022.

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Transformational Acquisition of AD Advisory Services in December 2021

FDCTech acquired 51% equity stake in AD Advisory Services Pty Ltd ("ADS" or the "target"). ADS is a regulated wealth management company with 20 offices, 28 advisors, $530+ million funds under advice, and approximately $6 million in 2021 audited revenues.

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Management Team

For over fifteen years, we have specialized in building complex online brokerage technology for companies across the globe - creating and implementing complex technology infrastructure in stocks, ETFs, forex, and other financial markets systems.

Mitchell M. Eaglstein Co-Founder, CEO & Director

From January 2016 to date, Mitchell Eaglstein is the Co-Founder, CEO and Director of FDCTech, Inc.

Imran Firoz Co-Founder, CFO & Director

From January 2016 to date, Imran Firoz is the Co-Founder, CFO and Director of FDCTech, Inc.

Jonathan Thomas CEO, AD Advisory Services

Jonathan Thomas is the CEO of AD Advisory Services, a subsidiary of FDCTech, effective December 2021.

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