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    Fintech Driven Acquisition Strategy
    Targeting High Growth Financial Sectors
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    A Fully Customizable
    Multi-Asset Trading Platform
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    15+ Years of Experience in Developing
    World Class Multi-Asset Trading Platform
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    License or Own Condor Technology
    Flexible and Competitive Pricing
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    Take Advantage of Our Expertise
    Hire our Software Team
Our ultimate trading platform and back-office solution

The development of multi-asset trading platform is complicated & expensive.

Over 90% of Forex Brokers offer identical trading experiences by licensing trading technologies and enterprise solutions from various off-the-shelf software providers. The dependency on third-parties increases the potential for human and configuration errors. However, existing small to medium-sized brokers and new market entrants can now license or own FDC's technology infrastructure to better market and serve their unique customer base.

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CEO Interview

Mitch Eaglstein explains how FDC is solving 90% of Forex Brokers' problems.
Test Condor FX Pro with $50,000 in Virtual Currency

We are Led by Proven Professionals with FX Industry Expertise.

FDC Leadership

We have 30+ years experience in developing & implementing FX trading, risk-management, and OTC solutions.

Software Powerhouse

We have written and powered well over 2.5 million source codes, and have countless hours of experience in customized software development.

Global Reach

Our FX experts and development team provide business and technology solutions worldwide.

Condor FX Pro Platform

Condor FX Pro Platform with a comprehensive back-office functionality that is often not available with major OTC front-end trading platforms and systems.

Passion & Values

We conduct transparent and responsible management, based on an advanced, integrity-centered approach.

Start Your Own Prime Brokerage

We have cost-effective, end-to-end turnkey solutions for your new venture that will significantly reduce your time-to-market.

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