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Posted by Peggy S.Reed | COO | Jul 17, 2017

Prime of Prime (PoP) came from the need of FX technology firms to earn additional revenue streams. FX technology service providers who were catering to retail brokers quickly realized that the gross margins on licensing their technologies were either capped or diminishing. With a healthy existing client base, some of these FX technology firms transitioned their technology clients to liquidity clients by providing indirect access to the interbank market.

For those firms interested in becoming a PoP, FDC offers a unique value proposition to develop and implement a successful business strategy whereby a firm can employ a team of FX industry experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team. Click here to request an extensive 18 slides case study on PoP.

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Posted by Peggy S. Reed | COO | Feb 28, 2017
Brokers looking for an FX license are increasingly looking to the securities commission of the Bahamas.
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Posted by Peggy S. Reed | COO | Nov 14, 2016
FDCTech, Inc. COO Peg Reed on CNBC takes a look at currency moves following the U.K.’s Brexit vote and why “volatility is here to stay”.
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