Imran Firoz

Co-Founder, CFO and Director

From January 2016 to date, Mr. Firoz has been the Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of the Company.

Mr. Firoz is responsible for strategic planning and corporate development, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), financial restructuring, and risk management. He has been responsible for guiding due diligence efforts, implementing financial controls, practicing compliance guidelines, and planning disaster recovery strategies.

    From December 2011 to May 2015, Mr. Firoz was the CEO and Director of Scoobeez Global, Inc. ("ABT"). From May 2015 to March 2017, Mr. Firoz worked as the CFO and Director of the ABT. He was instrumental in the acquisition, development, and growth of Scoobeez, Inc., an on-demand messenger, delivery, and courier company.Scoobeez increased its revenue from under $500,000 to $27 million during the period.

    From February 2014 to December 2019, Mr. Firoz worked as the Managing Director of Match-Trade Technologies LLC, a financial technology company. Mr. Firoz was a Managing Partner of Marque 3 LLC, a management consulting company based in Pasadena, California. He has served as a management consultant/adviser to senior executives of several companies.

    Mr. Firoz was the Chief Financial Officer of Master Capital Group Corp. from November 2004 until May 2007. He provided financial oversight to the accounting and finance department and advised the Board of Directors on the financial implications of business activities. In January 2002, Mr. Firoz served as Associate, Investment Banking for National Bank Financial, Canada ("NBF") on numerous transactions, including a key member of the M&A advisory team Franco-Nevada on the $10 billion three-way mega gold merger of Newmont-Normandy-Franco-Nevada. During the same period, he was a member of NBF's investment banking team that advised the Treasurer of Hydro One on the restructuring and sale of Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation debt of $2.9 billion in the Canadian public debt markets.

    Mr. Firoz started his career as a Chemical Engineer with Tata Chemicals Limited in December 1994 until September 1997. He led several cross-functional teams to manage commissioning activities, plant operations, and other technical projects for Ammonia Plant. From October 1997 to July 1999, Mr. Firoz worked as a Senior Process Engineer with Saudi Methanol Company, a Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) subsidiary. He was responsible for technical services and improving plant safety management. Mr. Firoz received his MBA in April 2001 from Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada. Mr. Firoz graduated in July 1993 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from Aligarh University, India. Mr. Firoz has been a Certified Financial Risk Manager from the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), New Jersey, since January 2003.


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