Jonathan Thomas

CEO, AD Advisory Services Pty.

Effective December 2021, the Company acquired a 51% interest in AD Advisory Services Pty Ltd. where Mr. Thomas is serving as its CEO and Managing Director from August 2018 to present.

Mr. Thomas has an extensive background in the financial planning sector spanning 25 years. Mr. Thomas joined AD Advisory Services with a commitment to raising the standards of financial advice.

    Through adviser education, support, and maintaining a strong client focused culture, Mr. Thomas is working with our Dealer Group of advisers to prepare for the future.

    Prior to joining AD Advisory Services Pty., from November 2015 to February 2018, Mr. Thomas was the CEO of JDL Group. From July 2011 to December 2014, his career has featured a diverse range of roles with companies including My Super Future which provided services to over 60,000 members, Infocus and BT, part of WestPac Group.

    Mr. Thomas graduated with MBA in 2014 from RMIT University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He received Diploma in Financial Planning in 2007 from Tribeca, Australia. Mr. Thomas is a licensed professional under the Australian Financial Services License.


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